Hi! I'm Leila Anderson, a therapist, consultant, and web developer based in Austin, Texas.

I'm the owner of Oleander Counseling & Consulting, the Clinical Director of Ava Recovery, and a freelance healthcare consultant. I specialize in the personal and public health effects of trauma, addiction, shame.

My Projects

I love knowing how people and their systems change. I have spent my professional life working with human and mechanical systems to find out how to create changes that are satisfying, meaningful, and sustainable. These are a few of my projects from the past few years - some more professional, some just for fun.

Ava Recovery

Enroot Virtual Garden

Oleander Counseling & Consulting

Star Trek Quiz App

Ultimate D&D Monster Match

Bibliofile Digital Library

About Me

I am a writer, creater, leader, wife, and mother of two. I enjoy good black coffee, hikes in beautiful weather, new projects, and getting things just right. In my free time, I enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends, drawing pictures, wrestling with my kids, and finding great food.


I'd love to hear from you.